Beauty Melbourne 2020: A unique business opportunity

Unleash your creativity, celebrate your passion and become part of something spectacular with Victoria’s premier professional beauty event. Beauty Melbourne draws together the beauty community in Victoria’s largest dedicated beauty event across professional skincare, makeup, grooming and nails. Be sure to mark 28 & 29 March 2020 in your diaries, as another incredible edition of Beauty Melbourne will unite the professional beauty industry at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).

Beauty Melbourne offers an inspirational and unparalleled opportunity for beauty professionals, salon owners and exhibiting brands to connect, develop and evolve. Whether you are a visiting professional looking for inspiration or that next ‘it’ trend or treatment, a salon owner seeking to elevate their business, or an exhibiting brand looking to expand industry connections and nurture client relationships in a face-to-face environment, Beauty Melbourne is the ideal platform to take your brand or business to the next level.

The expo floor at Beauty Melbourne 2020 is set to welcome a record number of exhibitors, with over 70% of exhibitors already confirmed five months pre-show. Over 250 leading brands are expected to participate in the 2020 edition, with Beauty Melbourne confirming the return of some of Australia’s leading beauty brands to the expo floor including Timely Software, Dermalogica, Lycon, EyEnvy, and Crown Brush Australia. Beauty Melbourne will also welcome many first-time exhibitors in 2020, including The Skin Care Company, SNS healthy natural nails, and Flo Aesthetics.

Beauty Melbourne anticipates more than 5,000 professional visitors over the two days of the event, which is more than a 20% increase on 2019 attendance. With Australia’s beauty industry at your fingertips, you can experience a comprehensive display of leading and boutique brands and products, world class education, and iconic industry talent all in one incredible weekend. Beauty Melbourne is the ideal platform to connect, share and celebrate all that the beauty industry has to offer, as you explore your passion and nurture your talent side by side with key industry players and likeminded professionals.

Beauty Melbourne offers brands a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of salon owners, directors and decision makers by providing the beauty industry with a glimpse into the products and technologies sure to be shaping the industry in the year ahead. Likewise, it offers exhibiting brands the ability to form face-to-face relationships with such decision makers, ultimately leading to more personal communications and a significant increase in lead generation.

Visit for information on visiting and exhibiting at Beauty Melbourne 2020.

Makeup trends you’ll master at Beauty Melbourne 2020

Keeping up to date with the latest beauty trends and techniques is one of the surest ways for makeup artists to attract and retain clients. As new fashion and makeup trends become popularised on blogs, social media, and in magazines, clients seek makeup artists that can keep up with the evolving nature of industry trends. Ensuring that you are equipped with the skills to create relevant and fashion-forward looks will give you a competitive edge as an artist.

Beauty Melbourne, Victoria’s ultimate professional beauty event, is returning for another highly-anticipated edition on 28-29 March. With a new curated education program, Beauty Melbourne will bring together some of Australia’s biggest beauty idols who will pass on their essential tips and techniques for visitors to take back to their salons for the benefits of their clients, including renowned makeup artists Chantelle Baker and Monica Gingold. Both Chantelle and Monica are making serious waves in the beauty industry locally and abroad, with their own signature styles, rapidly growing social media followings and A-list celebrity clientele.  

To get you hyped for the most hotly anticipated event on the professional beauty calendar, Beauty Melbourne has picked the brains of these beauty idols to bring you a sneak peak of their top makeup hacks, what you can expect from their Beauty Melbourne sessions, and their predicted makeup trends for the year ahead. 

Achieving a natural glow

Of all the makeup trends we were blessed with in 2019, natural, dewy skin is an industry favourite that is here to stay.

“I really love dewy, glowing, luminous skin. It looks amazing in both photo shoots and real life. I love skin that looks like skin, rather than overly covered and caked on,” Monica says.

Looking natural is key when creating the perfect luminous glow, but this can be harder to master than you may think. Monica and Chantelle’s hack? Layering.

“Creating dewy skin isn't about using one highlighter, it’s often about the combination and layering of products you use that create the most amazing effects,” Monica says.

Chantelle echoes this advice, adding that the most important layer is the one that preps the skin.

“I always make sure the skin is really well cleansed and hydrated and I am obsessed with serums and oils,” she says. “I really love mixing products and layering for that perfect base; I use a lot of cream and liquid illuminators and love mixing them into foundation.”

Top makeup tips to master

Both Monica and Chantelle agree that the basics of makeup can be the most important to master.

“Blend, blend, and blend again!” stresses Chantelle. “Making sure all of your shading is well blended and seamless is so important. There’s nothing worse than a stripe on the side of the face from heavy contour.

Foundation and colour matching is also key. I love blending two shades of foundation. We usually have a slightly darker forehead and lighter through the centre of the face. This technique highlights and contours skin in a natural way,” Chantelle explains.

As well as creating beautiful makeup looks, successful makeup artists focus on the client experience. 

“Listening to your clients and doing a really thorough consultation before starting any makeup is very important. Being easy to work with, confident and accommodating is also key in maintaining great relationships with clients,” Monica says.

Lastly, Chantelle notes that a successful makeup artist never stops learning.

“Ensure you keep up to date with where trends are going, and never stop learning. Makeup moves fast and you need to keep current, but don’t forget to have fun and not take it too seriously,” she says.

What’s hot in 2020?

According to Chantelle, colour will still be a huge focus in makeup throughout 2020, and we’re glad to hear it!

“2019 was all about the 90’s – browns and very monotone. I think we’ll be seeing more of the 2000’s come through in 2020, so lots of silver, metallics, blues, and greens,” she says.

However, makeup is never one size fits all and Monica welcomes style diversity in the industry.

“Makeup trends are so varied at the moment. While one makeup artist masters the glam and flawless look, another will be recognised for their minimalist, clean and raw look. I love that there is makeup for all people and it's not a one size fits all dogma,” she says.

What you’ll learn at Beauty Melbourne

Monica is leading two highly-anticipated sessions at Beauty Melbourne, ‘Makeup Tips & Tricks for Perfecting Every Look: An Advanced Look & Learn with Monica Gingold’ and ‘From Good to Great: Makeup Sesh with Monica Gingold for Beginners, Enthusiasts and Artists’.

“In my sessions you will learn about achieving flawless makeup results, but also about how to be a successful artist and business person. I believe in talking to your clients and learning to interpret what they say. It's all about clients getting up from your chair at the end, happier than they anticipated they would be, from a beauty perspective but also from a personal one,” Monica says.

Chantelle’s ‘Build Your Makeup Repertoire with Industry Icon Chantelle Baker’ session is a must-attend for makeup artists of all experience levels.

“I’ll take you through all of the tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years, from working with both my clients and mentors. And trust me, there are some skin-saving tips!” she says.


Beauty Melbourne takes place 28-29 March 2020 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). Early Bird ticketing ends 11.59PM AEST, Friday 14 February 2020. Tickets and further information is available at

Beauty Melbourne’s educators share the top non-surgical cosmetic procedures to offer in your salon 

The demand for non-surgical skin rejuvenating treatments has never been higher, with clients preferring minimally invasive procedures with shorter down times, allowing them to see often instant results.

Convenient ‘lunch-time treatments’ are a trend anticipated to continue throughout 2020, and many salons will benefit from meeting the demand for these hotly requested, non-invasive treatments. Understanding the nature and risks of such procedures and incorporating them in to your salon offerings can boost your portfolio and clientele.

Beauty Melbourne, Victoria’s leading professional beauty event, is returning for another highly-anticipated edition on 28-29 March. With a new curated education program, Beauty Melbourne will bring together some of Australia’s foremost beauty specialists who will share their expertise in dermal and anti-ageing solutions and how to effectively incorporate them in to your business. 


To fuel excitement in the lead up to the show, Beauty Melbourne has picked the brains of Sharni Mancell, owner of The Derm Lab, Claire Crouch, Synergie Skin Education Manager, and Dr Mariusz Gajewski, Cosmetic Physician and Founder of Star Cosmetic Medicine, to discuss the top non-surgical cosmetic procedures to offer in your salon in 2020, and what you can expect to learn from their dedicated Beauty Melbourne education sessions.

Skin needling

Skin needling improves the appearance, texture, and overall quality of the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production using very fine, medical grade needles which are passed across the skin creating micro-channels.

“If performed correctly skin needling is an amazing non-surgical face rejuvenation treatment. It can be a great addition to your beauty business and you can make a real change to your clients’ skin,” Sharni says.

Sharni emphasises that before incorporating skin needling in to your business, it’s vital to understand the treatment and the impacts it can have, both positive and potentially negative.

“Education is a must, so I highly encourage salon owners to find a reputable company to purchase a device that is recognised by the TGA and/or has the appropriate research, development and clinical data behind it, and who can also provide the correct training and support for both the product and the treatment,” she explains.

Don’t miss Sharni Mancell’s ‘Incorporating Skin Needling into Your Business: Where Do You Start?’ session at Beauty Melbourne for more information.

Cosmetic injectables

With more than 33,000 procedures carried out each year, cosmetic injectables have become Australia’s most sought-after non-surgical skincare solutions.

Anti-wrinkle injections usually refer to Botox or DYSPORT, which are effective ‘lunch-time treatments’ that relax muscles that cause movement lines such as frown lines or ‘crow’s feet’. Dermal fillers on the other hand, create volume or structure in the skin or its deeper layers and are ideal for treating a lack of volume and integrity in the cheeks, temples, lips and jawline.

Dr Gajewski notes that consumers are now turning to cosmetic injectables over anti-ageing creams to see best results.

“Topical creams are excellent tools to moisturise, improve skin texture, and prevent photo-ageing when combined with SPF, but there are limits to what they can do. The careful and prudent use of cosmetic injectables by a skilled practitioner can fill some of these shortcomings,” he says.

Claire echoes this statement, adding that cosmetic injectables are also now being used for early preventative purposes.

“Consumers in their early twenties are investing in a variety of treatments to prevent the signs of ageing before they begin. We shouldn't think of ageing clients as being 40-50+; a client concerned with ageing can be any age and treatments vary depending on the level of ageing observed on their skin,” she says.

Don’t miss Dr Mariusz Gajewski’s ‘Everything You Need to Know About Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler Tweak-ments’ session at Beauty Melbourne for more information.


Claire notes that medispa facial treatments which combine a spa experience with targeted skincare solutions are one of the most requested treatments at the moment.

“Medifacials offer clients some ‘me-time’ to relax, while also improving their concerns about their face and/or body. Utilising ingredients such as retinol, niacinamide, L-ascorbic acid, peptides, and other active cosmeceuticals, medifacials can noticeably improve skin challenges including ageing, acne, sensitivity, pigmentation and sun damage. Getting great skin while you relax is what makes having a medifacial so attractive!” Claire says.


Tixel involves the application of a heated metal plate with pyramid-shaped spikes onto the skin, creating small channels which stimulate new collagen production, leading to firmer, smoother and more youthful-looking skin.

“This is great for treating many skin conditions that are triggered within the lower skin layers such as hyperpigmentation. Not only is there minimal discomfort and downtime but the improvements in the skin are incredible and one can continue to see the skin improve for up to a year post-treatment series. Ageing and uneven skin tone is not only one of the main concerns for today's clients but can be the most challenging to treat, making this treatment a great option which provides a real visible difference,” Claire says.

Cold plasma therapy

Cold plasma technology can be used to break down air particles into active plasma ions on the skin, boosting collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase product absorption to encourage actives into the skin, smooth and heal irritated skin and reduce pore size.

“A series of peel treatments and technologies such as cold plasma combined with scientifically proven product formulations can provide better results now than ever before,” says Claire.

Don’t miss Claire Crouch’s ‘’Clear Science’ Solutions without the Hype: Tackling Ageing and Hyperpigmentation’ session at Beauty Melbourne for key learnings on these skin treatments and more.

Beauty Melbourne takes place 28-29 March 2020 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). Early Bird ticketing ends 11.59PM AEST, Friday 14 February 2020. Tickets and more information available at

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