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July 2021

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The beauty and personal care industry has witnessed significant growth in the skin, body & hair care segment. Consumers have become more aware of what’s inside their products and have begun to make better decisions about what they allow on their skin. Increasing inclination towards well-being is driving the demand for natural and organic skincare products. To help provide consumers with better transparency and accessibility to this growing market we developed this Girl wants. 

Our Audience


Monthly Unique Visitors

>30,000 +


14,000 +




24 - 65 Years

Our Media Channels

Visitor Traffic. 
Period. 30 days. June 28 -July 27, 2021 compared to previous period (May 29 - Jun 27) 2021
Rates. AUD
Rates are a one off payment for 12 months and include the set up & creative build. Logo and images to be supplied in png or jpg. Alternatively we can source from your website or social media pages where available. A 30% deposit is required before commencement.  For New Zealand clients, currency conversion applied on the day of invoicing or payment. Visa, Mastercard excepted.   
All featured brand banners and product listings commence at the top of page and are rotated over the 12 month period.

1 Product Listing

$180.00 ex Period. 12 months.

$60.00 ex per each additional listing for 12 months. 

  • Product Image
  • Description
  • Link to website

7-9 Product  Listings

  • One 12 month featured brand banner.
  • 3 Instagram stories.
  • 1 week "In The Spotlight Feature.
Premium. ( 10 Product listings )
$760.00 ex. Per annum.
  • One ​12 month featured brand banner.
  • 2 week " In The Spotlight " Homepage Banner. 
  • 1 Instagram post.
  • 6 Instagram stories.
Featured Brand Listing
Receive with 7 - 9 listings and Premium Feature.
In The Spotlight Homepage Banner.
With Premium Feature
Giveaway Collaborations 
Home page banner example.

It's Giveaway Time.

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Client Testimonial


this.Girl.wants (tGw) has been instrumental in extending our start-up digital marketing activities. It's been the most fruitful and satisfying experience working with them and we continue to value our brand partnership.



One of the successful brand awareness campaigns we did was an exclusive pre-launch giveaway of our new Premium Rose Soap range.


Our overhead was very minimal by just providing the 7 x exclusive new products to the winners. The campaign returned a highly-favourable ROI for us – approx. 200%+ boost to our social media Instagram following in the space of 7 days, acquired an engaged beauty/skincare audience and increased local brand exposure.


It was so successful that ALL winners wrote rave reviews of our luxury soap products via their own Instagram stories and through our own business website. This exceeded our expectations and gave us priceless brand credibility and sales.



tGw's social media presence enabled us to access a 'pool' of local Australian audiences that helped boost our brand and product exposure in the beauty and skincare industry. Linda and her team do an awesome job at nurturing their audiences, so Crown And Full Moon really appreciates their pro-activity and it means for us an engaged and relevant audience that we can harness. (Plus, it's a bonus to know that their national coverage have future expansions to NZ!).



As a niche luxury soap brand, Crown And Full Moon finds that our core values are symmetrical to tGw – from promoting vegan beauty products through to local manufacturing in Australia. We carefully select our ingredients to our products and, similarly, with our brand partnerships – so, having tGw is not just a win-win for us but also the right long-term choice.



Linda and her team are extremely fantastic and has just been a gem to work with. Very flexible. Pro-active. Easy-going and highly collaborative. Everything is simple, well organised and well coordinated. tGw really engages with what your brand is all about and look at ways that they can service to help promote your business. Nice work team!



Crown And Full Moon highly recommends tGw, especially their digital marketing services, and will be engaging more of their service offerings along our product growth cycle. They are highly engaged and proactive in the beauty/skincare online and social media space that promote niche products such as our own luxury handmade soap range. 5/5 Stars!

Amiel Dizon


Crown And Full Moon

(Luxury Handmade Soaps)