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this Girl wants started back in February 2020, home grown clean, green beauty brands were becoming a growing choice for consumers seeking eco-friendly, sustainable, natural skincare products that come with greater product ingredient transparency.

The difficulty however was accessibility to these brands and why we developed this Girl wants. Fast forward to today, we represent brand owners  from around Australia and globally.

Expand Your Marketing Reach
TGW helps brand owners reach consumers searching and shopping for natural, organic skin care, bath & body products.
Website Visitors
Period. June 14, 2021 - June 14, 2022
358.9K Site Sessions | 303.8k Unique Visitors
 303.8k Unique Visitors across multiple devices
Desk Top 155.9k
Mobile 197.9k
Tablet 5,103k
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Social Media Included

In addition to your product listings on this Girl wants, you also have the option to include brand stories and product review posts to our highly engaged 16,000 + Instagram followers.


For product review posts, clients provide us with products. Our social media team carefully curate your stories and posts using a mix of lifestyle and product shots, informational and promotional videos, and internal influencer-generated content. 

A Brand Partnership With TGW

We offer an effective, affordable growth strategy in the form of a brand partnership in reaching a rich new audience and visitors to your website. Starting from just $140 for 12 months, by joining our community, your brand has a compounding growth effect over the period to an increasing number of consumers to this Girl wants who are shopping for clean green, mindfully created skin care and lifestyle products.

Sparkle Realm

Love your work and everything your business stands for. We’re looking forward to continuing working with you.

Nubeean Noosa

Thank you, we look forward to continuing the great work in the coming year.

Raw Beauty Skin Care

How lovely, thanks for your beautiful post  so pleased to be part of your tribe.


You are doing such a great job. Shows the love you put into it. Enjoying being part of this amazing journey. 

Sparjar Skincare

Your vibe attracts your being part of it.

Crown and Full Moon

Hydromerse Skincare

We love working with you.

WHAT: this.Girl.wants (tGw) has been instrumental in extending our start-up digital marketing activities.  It's been the most fruitful and satisfying experience working with them and we continue to value our brand partnership. Since commencing with tGw they have exceeded our expectations and have given us priceless brand credibility and sales.

On demographics, the tGw's platform and social media presence has enabled us to access a 'pool' of local Australian audiences that help boost our brand and product exposure in the beauty and skincare industry. Linda and her team do an awesome job at nurturing their audiences, so Crown And Full Moon really appreciates their pro-activity and it means for us an engaged and relevant Australian and global audience that we can harness.  Having tGw is not just a win-win for us but also the right long-term choice.

ON SERVICES: Linda and her team are extremely fantastic and has just been a gem to work with. Very flexible. Pro-active. Easy-going and highly collaborative. Everything is simple, well organised and well coordinated. tGw really engages with what your brand is all about and look at ways that they can service to help promote your business.  Nice work team!

RECOMMENDATION: Crown And Full Moon highly recommends tGw, especially their digital marketing services, and will be engaging more of their service offerings along our product growth cycle. We have found that they are one of a few handful local Australian businesses that are highly engaged and proactive in the beauty/skincare online space 5/5 Stars!

Amiel Dizon

Founder - Crown And Full Moon