Grow your online presence

And connect with new customers searching for services like yours.

If your salon is online but lacks a strong digital presence, it is essential to incorporate some form of digital marketing to expand your presence to boost visibility and brand familiarity.

With over 150,000 online searches for hair and beauty services in Australia each month, having a strong consistent digital presence should be an essential part of a strong marketing strategy, even for salons that aren’t offering e-commerce services; in this instance, marketing is less about directly boosting income and more about improving your brand awareness and acquiring new customers. 

No matter how much effort you put into your marketing strategy, it will ultimately fail if it doesn’t reach its target audience and this is where we can help. By listing your services with us we will boost your online visibility, and increase brand familiarity to attract new clients and generate growth.

You provide the services, we provide the marketing platform and audience, lets work together. 

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